Players Championship to Earn Ranking Points for American Pros

The Billiard Congress of America, after conducting an email survey of the top male professional players in America, has now added the Players Championship to the roster of BCA ranking events for 2011. The BCA was informed on Monday of this week by promoter Allen Hopkins in a phone call to Jerry Forsyth of the BCA/WPA committee that the event, held annually at the Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, PA, would have sufficient added money ($25,000) to qualify as a points event.

"I told Allen, said Mr. Forsyth, that the BCA requires a six month lead time for an event to be included as a ranking event, but that exceptions could be made if the players were in agreement with the exception. 100% of the players who responded to our email said they wanted this event to be a points event. It only makes sense. They will all be in the area already for the Masters Championship in nearby Chesapeake so by having another event so close the players can save in travel expenses while being offered the opportunity to participate in two prize pools. This is definitely an exception to the rule for ranking events but Allen has a long legacy as a promoter that the players support and he deserves the exception."

The Players Championship will be held March 10-13 at the Valley Forge Convention Center. More information may be found at