Playtime for DeYoung on Fury Midwest Tour

Fields are growing larger and stronger in the newly-formed Fury Amateur tour in the Midwest with a 43 player turnout this weekend at Playtime Billiards in Portage, MI.

As the tournament sifted out players, it came down to a showdown between Ted Reeves, Mark DeYoung and last stop?s winner, Casey Ward. It looked like Ward might have been en route to a second victory when he defeated DeYoung 7-6 to get into the hot seat match against Ted Reeves. Ward was well on his way to the finals until he met Ted Reeves in the hot seat match up. Reeves played strong all day to reach this point and took a hard-fought 7-6 win over Ward to secure his spot in the finals.

Ward joined DeYoung on the B side where DeYoung had been recovering from his earlier loss to Ward. DeYoung wasn?t up for another hill-hill rivalry this time and decidedly closed out the match 5-1, leaving Ward in 3rd.

After a successful rebound from the one-loss side, DeYoung met with Reeves who had been waiting in the final bracket. DeYoung left nothing to chance and took an insurmountable lead, finishing off Reeves with a 9-1 victory to claim his first win of the season.

Results: 1st Mark DeYoung $450
2nd Ted Reeves $250
3rd Casey Ward $175
4th Mark Osman $115
5th/6th Josh Ulrich, Kevin Hall $85
7th/8th Lee Lombaria, Jim Reinholt $60
9th-12th Glen Johnson, Kurt Hoskin, Jeremy Sieman, Neil Dryfhout $20