Poison Cues Sponsors Juinor Training Program in Switzerland

Through the Poison Cues brand, the Predator Group is sponsoring the Billard Sport-Club Bümpliz (BSCB) Junior Training Program for the 2014-2015 season. BSCB runs the largest junior training program in Switzerland which has a great track record for grooming up and coming talent. The current members range from 8-18 years old with several sibling duos. 
BSCB conducts weekly trainings, led by former Bronze Medalist from the 2013 World 9 Ball Championships, Daniel Schneider. Schneider started in the BSCB Junior Training Program when he was 11 years old along with his younger brother, Michael Schneider. Daniel went on to win multiple Junior and Men’s Swiss Championships while he was a Junior. Younger brother, Michael , is on pace to make just as big of an impact on the pool community in Europe. In 2014 Michael medaled in every discipline of the Men’s division of the Swiss Championships (2 Gold & 2 Silver medals) at only 15 years old. Other notable players from the BSCB training program include the 2014 Swiss Junior 8-Ball Champion, Yannis Bätscher, and newbie Elias Kübli who recently began earning points for the national rankings.
“We are very thankful to have the support of Poison Cues. Predator has a great reputation in the pool world in Europe and the enthusiasm of the juniors has definitely been raised with the new sponsorship,” remarked Daniel Schneider. “We’ve implemented a new training system with Poison Cues as the prizes.  This has given them a new level of excitement to reach their training goals. We have players of all levels so we set individual goals and trainings based on each player’s individual pace and motivation.”
For more information about Billard Sport-Club Bümpliz visit the website at www.bscb.ch or click here for more information about the BSCB Junior Training Program.