Pool Nation VR: Transforming Your Experience of Billiards

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Just like our experiences of casino gaming has been changing, so will our experience of billiards. The new Virtual Reality (VR) craze has expanded its reach to the billiards market. Now with Pool Nation VR you can experience playing pool in virtual reality.


Some people are skeptical about this, and suggest that it will never be popular in the billiards community for a couple of reasons. Billiards is a social sport. You play against an actual opponent, and to be honest, it is not only about playing the actual game. Many people enjoy billiards socially, to have a game, watch your friends play and cheer them on, and to have a few beers throughout the evening of playing. A VR experience may be novel, but it focuses solely on the one aspect of playing and excluded all the other aspects that pull people towards the pool table. Pool Nation VR has also been criticized because it is very difficult to line up your shots while playing, as you are not actually leaning on a table. Some have also complained about the blurriness of the technology which decreases your accuracy.


Others say that for those who already enjoy VR experiences, this will be a treat. It also has application for practicing alone, and offers convenience for people who may not have their own pool table at home. There are currently no options for multiplayer gaming, but it is hoped that this will soon become a reality.


Even though some people are excited about this, the technology does not seem to match the real experience completely. That paired with it being an individual game in VR acts as a disadvantage. At this point, the consensus around the billiards community is that as it currently stands, VR pool will not come close in replacing the real deal. Maybe when Pool Nation VR finds a solution to their blurriness and accuracy problems, and adds a multiplayer function to the game, there will be more buy in from the billiards community at large. But until then, I am going to stick to a pool table I can actually lean on!