Pool players fight against cancer

Players attending the APA Nationals in Las Vegas this month, Aug 16-25th might notice something different about the shirts player Evan Broxmeyer and his team will be wearing. As a show of support for pancreatic, brain, leukemia, and lung cancers, the team has pledged to donate 25% of all winnings to the Memorial Sloan-Ketting Cancer Center in New York City, and will be wearing certain colors to reflect their donation.

Evan's team, is Scott Casagrande, Alex Platonov, and Adam Kaminski. Evan came up with this idea while reflecting on his father this past Fathers Day who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. His team gave him resounding support.

“I am playing for my father, and if we win, that could be $2500 donated to cancer research. We want to set an example to the players of our industry that if we don't show the outside world that we care, our precious, small industry will not get bigger ”said Evan Broxmeyer.

Evan was born in Roslyn New York and has been playing for 12 years. He now resides in Fort Salonga, New York, and will be representing funds raised for pancreatic cancer by wearing purple. Scott was born in Pennsylvania where his father owned a poolroom. Being around the tables so much inspired him to begin playing at the early age of ten. He has now been playing for 38 years.Scott lost his best friend to both brain and lung cancers and so will be wearing pearl white. Alex was born in Russia and raised in Commack, New York. He started shooting pool at 16 and has now been playing for 13 years. Alex's cause is dedicated to all of those that have lost their battle to all types of cancer and so will be wearing lavender. Adam was born and raised in Commack, New York. He found the passion for pool at age 21 and has been playing now for eight years. Adam's best friend's mother lost her battle to Leukemia and he will be showing support by wearing orange.

John Bertone of KamuiTips.com says regarding Kamui's support of Evan, “Evan has been a great ambassador to the sport of pool and that is one of the reasons we are proud to sponsor Evan and his team at the APA Nationals this year. I commend the team for this selfless act and it is a clear indication of how philanthropic the billiard industry really is and can be. Kamui hopes other players will consider adopting a good cause.”

If anyone is interested in setting up a donation for their tournament winnings to benefit the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer center in New York, contact them directly at 866-815-9501.