POOL-STREAM.com Airs For The First Time

Shane Van Boening

“The heat is on!” - only one more week and the action kicks off for the first time on “the old continent”. It's America's Superstar Shane “South Dakota Kid” Van Boening playing two Swiss players in a 9-ball race to 50! Van Boening's contenders are multiple Swiss Champion and talent Ronald Regli on Thursday, March 4th, and reigning European Straight Pool Champion and Junior World Champion (2000) Dimitri Jungo on March 5th. Both matches are best of 99, winner break for $5000.- winner takes it all!  

In the course of the fifth edition of the Grand Prix Open Biel - won by local hero Dimitri Jungo, Czech player Roman Hybler, Serbia's Sandor Tot and the player of the decade “The Kasier” Ralf Souquet in previous years – Mosconi Cup Winner Shane Van Boening will make his first appearance in Switzerland. 

Together with our partners www.pool-stage.de and www.eSeven.de a pay-per-view live stream will be provided. With four different packages available viewers can choose the following on www.pool-stream.com: 

Shane Van Boening vs Ronald Regli (March 4th, 6pm CET and 12pm ET) for $10
Shane Van Boening vs Dimitri Jungo (March 5th, 4.30pm CET and 10.30am ET) for $10
Both matches (March 4th and 5th) for $17.50
Both matches (March 4th and 5th) and the Grand Prix Open (March 6th and 7th) for $25
Commentators as well as live-chat and multi-angle camera perspectives make viewers from all over the world will being able to see every shot of these extraordinary world class players.