Pool World Mourns Loss of Weenie Beenie

Bill Staton

The pool world was saddened on Saturday to hear the news of the passing of Bill 'Weenie Beenie' Staton.

Staton was one of the true ambassadors of the game. He was always soft spoken and well dressed and very even tempered.

Unlike most players, Staton didn't pick up the game until his early 20's. He owned a hot-dog stand in Washington DC (hence the nickname) and had to drive across town to pick up an employee who had not shown up to work. The employee was in a pool room and told Staton he would be done in a short time. Staton decided to wait and was asked he wanted to play by another player in the room. Not taking the loss to the other player well, Staton bought a table the next day and started his long career in pool.

Known more for his action play than tournament play, Staton was one of the few players who attended every running of the Johnson City events.

In 2005, Staton was inducted into the onepocket.org Hall of Fame. More information on Staton can be found by visiting their site.

Photo courtesy of Conrad Burkman - National Billiard News