PoolDawg Opens FranksDawgHouse.com

Lafayette, Colo.—August 20, 2008 — At approximately 1:22PM MST, PoolDawg.com, a leading online retailer of billiards, poker and dart equipment, logged in to the MySpace account for their mascot Frank and found that their account no longer existed.  For reasons unbeknownst to PoolDawg, MySpace made the decision to delete Frank's MySpace® account, wiping out two years of good will and thousands of friend connections in the process.
“We are extremely disappointed with the decision made by MySpace and Fox Interactive to delete our account” said Mike Feiman, PoolDawg's Director of Marketing.  “MySpace was a great way for us to keep in touch with our pool playing friends and customers, so the loss of Frank's MySpace page is not an insignificant loss”.  Prior to the account deletion, PoolDawg connected with over 1,600 amateur and pro pool players.
PoolDawg's mascot Frank was hardest hit by the news.  “I can't believe they kicked me out of my home without even telling me why.  It's OK though, because Mike promised me that he'd build me a new home where I can blog, keep my pictures, talk about my adventures with WPBA Pro Debbie Schjodt and keep in touch with my friends.”
Currently, PoolDawg is building a new site for Frank.  The site, located at

FranksDawgHouse.com will include Frank's famous blog, pictures of Frank hanging out with Debbie Schjodt and others from the WPBA and much more.  PoolDawg will be opening this site to the public immediately, allowing everyone to participate in the building of Frank's new house.
To check it out and to read about Frank's continuing adventures on the road with Debbie and the WPBA, just go to http://www.franksdawghouse.com.