PoolDawg Signs New Streaming Sponsorship Deal

PoolDawg, the recognized leader in online billiards and game room supplies, is pleased to announce that they have signed on as the Streaming Sponsor of the WPBA's live streaming matches for the 2011 Regional Tour Championship.

"We are once again extremely excited to sign on as the streaming sponsor of a WPBA event" said PoolDawg President Michael Feiman. "This event showcases some of the greatest up and coming players in women's pool and we see live streaming as the future of pool as a spectator sport." This year's RTC will be more competitive than ever, with the inclusion of touring pros Yu Ram Cha, Megan Smith, Emily Duddy and Cristina De La Garza alongside such up and coming regional players as Ashley Nandrasy and juniors champion Brianna Miller.

WPBA Touring Pro and host Kim White added “I am just thrilled about PoolDawg's sponsorship but it comes as no surprise to me. PoolDawg has been a rock for women's billiards and the pool community in general. I am truly looking forward to working with one of the best and most supportive billiard supply companies in the business”.

The 2011 WPBA Regional Tour Championship kicks off March 24th in Houston, Texas with live streaming matches running through March 27th. You can watch the stream on PoolDawg's website at http://www.pooldawg.com/article/pooldawg-library/wpba-free-live-stream.