Poole to Pool Champion?

Sixteen year old Louis Clarke

The talents of a young man from Poole have been recognized by pool and snooker retailer, Billiards Boutique who have offered a sponsorship deal to aid his chances in the British Professional Pool Players Association 2007 Junior and Men's 9-ball Tours.

Sixteen year old Louis Clarke has been playing snooker and pool since the age of eight and already demonstrates the talent and skills needed to rival the champions.

Louis' passion and desire to improve has seen him progress at an incredible rate. Louis says, “It was Dad that first got me into the game and now, with his support and my commitment I am starting to see the results of all the hours of practice.”

“I play for about 15 hours per week whilst my friends are hanging out or playing computer games but I hope that one day I'll be recognized as the pool playing equivalent of Steve Davis or Ronnie O'Sullivan.”

Louis goes onto say “It's not only the satisfaction of potting the balls and winning the game, it's about outwitting your opponent; you have to think at least two shots ahead, so it's quite intense. I like to think of it as chess but with balls!'

Pool is quite well known in the UK, but unlike snooker there is very little in the way of mainstream support which both Louis and his sponsor are keen to change.

Pete Williams, Proprietor of Billiards Boutique of Weymouth says of Louis, “His skill is exceptional; he's a very talented young man. I am often asked to provide sponsorship for players but have not entered into it until I met Louis - His determination to succeed is an inspiration and he deserves all the help we can give him.”