PoolStars.com announces the biggest buy-in in history for online pool

PoolStars.com, Sunday January 11th  2009 10:00am GMT, PoolStars today announced the world biggest cash buy in online pool tournament in history, a $5,000 per player 9-ball race to 5. This event will feature two relative amateur online pool players taking on each other for record-breaking stakes.

The match is set to pit two very unlikely opponents against each other, and promises to deliver some very entertaining action for the vast online community of players. Set to take battle are Tony G, a professional Poker player, and Macon Marc, also a professional poker player.

Tony G is one of the most well known players in the Poker world. Having won just about everything there is to win, he has developed a massive following online thanks in part to his outlandish behavior and trash talking of his opponents during major televised poker tournaments. You can find thousands of videos on You Tube featuring memorable assaults on his opponents. What Tony is also well known for is his high stakes poker action. When Tony sits down at a poker table, he like to play big, and it has been rumored that he has played in the biggest games in Russia where it is not unusual to see several million dollars on the table at any time.

Facing Tony is online pool amateur “Macon Marc”. Having recently discovered the online pool community PoolStars, “Macon Marc” was quickly drawn to the real money aspect of the game, especially being that he is one of the most successful high stakes online poker players in the world. The skill element of the game has certainly boosted a few egos and hence this match has been scheduled to end the trash talking once and for-all.

The match is scheduled to take place at 10:00:00 a.m. Sunday January 11, 2009 GMT. It is set to be a race to 5, 9-ball tournament with 1-minute time limit and aiming lines ACTIVE for both players.

www.poolstars.com  is free online pool client featuring the most advanced 3-D graphics on the market. Once downloaded, players can choose to play for free, or they can step into the real money arena and take on each other in the ultimate online skill game, online pool.

Users are also able to wager on the outcome of the match via the newly announced community site, Chip Me Up. Players can take a % stake in either “Macon Marc” or “Tony G” via this unique community site. Visit www.chipmeup.com for more info.