Potting For Peace – 20th July 2015

The city of Ashdod in the south of Israel was honored to host snooker legend Jimmy White.

Invited by the israel Snooker Association - to promote peace in the troubled region through

a snooker initiative - Potting for Peace.


The event took place at the newly developed facility that has been equipped to host future international 

tournaments and exhibitions that will place Israel  firmly on the snooker map.


The highlight of the evening was to be a series of matches between Jimmy White and the

best of Israeli and Palestinian players who would play alternate shots against against

the six-time world champion finalist.


This event was highly anticipated by press and television alike.


A meeting had been arranged between Jimmy and former Israeli President

and Nobel peace prize winner - Shimon Peres but due to absence out of the country

this occasion was deferred until Jimmy's next visit expected to occur within the very

near future.


Following interviews with TV and Press - Jimmy was introduced in front of a sell-out 

crowd by Shai Eisenberg chairman of the Israel Snooker & Pool Association.


On entering the G2 Arena - Jimmy was full admiration and with no little surprise

expressed the view that without doubt this had to be one of the best snooker clubs

anywhere on the circuit.  


The evening  started with Jimmy's talent tested by playing with one hand and 

a long pot screw back against Israels finest.


Jimmy then played 3 frames against three of israel's top players who although 

acquitting themselves honorably were not able to overcome the snooker legend.


In front of hundreds of enthusiastic and good-natured snooker fans in which

both israelis and Palestinians mixed together without difficulty it was time for

the main event - Potting for Peace.


Jimmy played against top Palestinian player - Mohamad  Salhab and

the six-time Israeli champion - Roy Fernandez.


Both Israeli and Palestinian playing as a team excelled themselves and were

able to tie with with the former world number one  over two tense frames that 

had the watching hundreds spellbound.


At the end of the evening - Jimmy, Roy  & Mohamad salhab were each 

presented with an Ambassador of Peace Trophy by Shai Eisenberg.


In a statement issued after by Shai Eisenberg chairman of 

the Israel Snooker Association stated; 

"The night was a huge success. For both promoting snooker in Israel  and 

showing that through sport we can leave our differences outside. We hope 

that this message can be  spread around the world. 

Let's focus on collaborating together for a better future. 

There is already a lot of interest to take this format around the world to 

many other countries, and have a strong statement that sport in general 

and snooker specifically should and can be above all political differences." 


Mohamad Salhab remarked: " I believe that snooker should be very far from 

politics, and if i was  the president, i would make everyone to play snooker

since it is such a peaceful yet riveting game. 

Roy Frenandez said: " this is a dream come true. me and Mohamad practice 

together for some time preparing to this match. I am very honored to be a 

part of this beautiful collaboration 


Jimmy White added: " This whole event was for me absolutely thrilling. 

I was asked by the Israeli news channel, if I thought that such an event

could really help ending conflict

I pointed out hat America were not even communicating  with China 

until they played ping pong, so i definitely think this would be a good

a start as any towards a positive outcome. 

I would personally want to thank the Israeli Association 

and Shai Eisenberg & MercyMen Productions for making 

this event so memorable".

This was my first trip to Israel and most certainly not my last