Potts Over Li Hewen For Chinese Pool Victory in Los Angeles

Gareth Potts with Li He Wen
Gareth Potts concluded his undefeated run through the field to win the Joy Chinese Pool U.S. Open on October 19th in Los Angeles. 
This event was the first major event held by Joy Chinese Billiards in the states and drew 64 players from the United States, Britain, Norway, Australia, Pakistan and other countries.
The finals were a race to 13 with a 150 minute time limit. Surprisingly, the final match was a one sided affair with Potts in top form and Li Hewen struggling as he made multiple mistakes at the table. At the first official timeout, Potts already held a dominating 7-1 lead. As the match continued, Li Hewen couldn’t find his “A-Game” while Potts continued his high level of play. By the end, it was Potts scoring a 13-4 win for first place. Since Potts has already qualified for the Joy World Chinese Pool Masters in January, Li earned the qualifier that was up for grabs at this event.