POV Pool Is On The Move


As a live stream broadcaster, billiard content provider, and owner-operator of Point Of View Pool Media, I have made the business decision to re-locate our headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada. Tentative move date is April 15th, 2013. POV Pool will officially re-open in 'Sin-City' as of May 1st, 2013.

In just 18 months of operation, Point Of View Pool Media has streamed live pool action throughout the west coast of the United States at almost every major independent pool tournament from more than a dozen billiard venues including Hard Times Billiards, The California Billiard Club, On-Cue, Butera's Billiards, Stix Billiards, The Broken Rack and more.

POV Pool's success on YouTube has grown exponentially, reaching over 2,700 new subscribers to date with almost 750,000 views. Our events have featured most of the world's top professional players - Efren Reyes, Francisco BustamanteAlex Pagulayan, Dennis Orcullo, Ronnie Alcano, Rodney Morris, Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez Stevie Moore, Raj Hundal, Jayson Shaw, Jose Parica, Darren AppletonScott Frost - and the list goes on.

I believe that cue-sports in America is ready to step up to a new level of exposure and acceptance. Historically, Las Vegas has been the nucleus for ventures like billiards and other gaming activities to re-generate their popularity. It is a city that attracts and maintains many talented individuals and companies in both the entertainment and sports fields.

As far back as the late 80's, the billiard world has suffered a number of set-backs which have hindered this great sport from surviving in the mainstream media. POV Pool's long term goal is to help generate new and expanded interest in this sport on a global scale. With the rapid growth of social media broadcasting, the timing is right for the great game of pool to re-establish it’s former greatness via extensive live broadcast events that not only will increase interest in the sport, but will attract and provide proper exposure, growth and return on investment for major sponsors and media distributors.

There is a huge amount of pool activity throughout the United States. POV Pool plans to be “on the move”, continuing to schedule our usual live streams at west coast venues, and also broadening our exposure to cover more events across the country, and eventually other parts of the world.

We are looking for long term sponsorship and/or investment in POV. The rapid expansion of our audience volume and positive feedback that we constantly receive underscores the fact that there is, without question, a large audience who love this great game and are looking for more events to watch. This also positive, indicates the high potential for good return on sponsorship and advertising investment.

POV Pool Media is dedicated to bringing back the glory days of pool. With our re-location to Las Vegas, we look forward to being your first stop for pool action!