Predator Becomes the Official Cue of CueSports International and the BCA Pool League

CueSports International (CSI) is proud to announce a new three-year partnership in which Predator has become the Official Cue of CueSports International and the BCA Pool League.
Predator has long been an industry leader in cue design and manufacturing. Since its inception in 1994, Predator's commitment to innovation has created a legacy of high performance, supported by scientific discovery and proven results. Enhancing performance is what inspires them, drives their research, and defines their mission of making the best performing low-deflection shafts, playing cues, and break cues in the world.
Ozzy Reynolds, CEO of CueSports International, said "Predator has literally changed the industry. When the original 314 shaft was introduced, it changed everything. Since that time, they have continued to push the envelope with game-changing products such as the BK Break Cue, Uni-Loc, the Z Shaft, and now the Revo. They continue to innovate and by the time others copy and catch up, they have innovated again. We are thrilled to have a partner that shares our innovative drive."
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CSI is an international pool league and event leader and is comprised of three divisions: CSI leagues, CSI events and CSI media. CSI leagues manages the BCA Pool League, one of the oldest and largest pool leagues in the world. It also manages the USA Pool League, a newer but fast-growing amateur league completely powered by FargoRate. CSI events produces numerous amateur and professional events around the globe, including the US Open 10-Ball, US Open 8-Ball, US Open One Pocket, US Open Straight Pool, US Open Bank Pool, and now they have partnered with Predator to produce the Predator World 10-Ball Championship. CSI media creates live streaming and digital content. To date, the CSI YouTube channel boasts over 800 full-length matches and more than 19.1 million people have watched 376.5 million minutes of video content on the channel. Through its progressive vision and strategic alliances such as this one, CSI is “Shaping the future of pool.”
We’re thrilled for the opportunity to be the official cue of the BCA Pool League and the BCAPL World Championships,” said Predator Group CEO, Karim Belhaj. “The BCAPL is a top caliber group in the U.S. with players who are passionate about the game and their equipment. This makes Predator a natural fit for the league as we’re passionate about those very same ideals. We’re grateful for this opportunity and excited for the future of this great league.”
For more information about CSI or its divisions, visit or find CueSports International on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.