Predator Hosts Golf, Charity, and Breakfast Tour During the Predator FL Open

Predator Cues, title and host sponsor of the 6th Annual UPA Predator Florida Open will be hosting a myriad of fun events for fans and players during the week of May 24-28,2006 at the Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville, FL.

On May 24, Predator will host some of the top UPA pros for a special golf tournament in Jacksonville. Pros attending are Rodney Morris, Jeremy Jones, Earl Strickland, Troy Frank, Shawn Putnam, and Gabe Owen. Predator Founder & Owner Allan McCarty will be hosting and playing in this event.

On the evening of the 24th at 8pm, The 5th Annual Predator Benefit for the Boys & Girls Club will begin. The event will kick off with the Predator Pro Scotch Doubles Invitational. The pros will pair up and play in a tournament for the fans to sweat. Race to 3 single elimination with teams such as:

The Big Boys- Jeremy "Double J" Jones & Shawn "Love Sponge" Putnam
Rocket Machine- Rodney "Rocket" Morris & Luc "Machine Gun" Salvas
Yin & Yang- Thorsten "Hitman" Hohmann & Charlie "Korean Dragon" Williams
Iron Ice- Mika "Iceman" Immonen & "Iron" Mike Davis
Blitzkreig- Ralf "Kaiser" Souquet & Thomas "Tank" Engert
Florida Hurricanes- Tony "Sniper" Crosby" & Gabe "The Babe" Owen

Same time, anyone who wants to donate $20 can play any pro of choice 1 game and will receive a prize if they win the game or a small consolation prize if they lose. All proceeds goto The Boys & Girls Club and the Junior Billiards Tour Foundation.

Pros on hand that evening for fan challenges will be :

  • Thorsten Hohmann- Germany- World Champion
  • Rodney Morris- USA- US Pro Tour Champion
  • Mika Immonen- Finland- World Champion
  • Mike Davis- USA- Former US Rookie of the Year
  • Charlie Williams-USA- 5x USA National Team Member
  • Thomas Engert- Germany- European Champion
  • Ralf Souquet-Germany- World Champion
  • Shawn Putnam- USA- #2 in USA
  • Jeremy Jones-USA- US Open Champion
  • Gabe Owen- USA- US Open Champion
  • Luc Salvas-Canada- Canadian National Champion
  • Tony Crosby-England- USA Rookie of the Year

There will also be a VIP Ticket Holder tournament where all session VIP holders will be on a team with a top pro player in a mini-event.

The 6th Annual Predator Sponsor Pro Am will also include teams with pro players and sponsors such as Sid Kreis of, Erik Decious of Billiard Factory, Cindy Lee of Dragon Promotions, Rocky McElroy of Capones, Mike Baggett of Cue & Case, and Allan McCarty of Predator.

On May 25 and 26th, Predator will conduct free tours at the famed Predator Factory for pro players and fans. The tour starts at 10am with a free breakfast and ends at 12pm. The tour includes how Predator Cues are built and made with its patented technology and free demonstrations on Predator's robots and insight on new products on the horizon for Predator. These tours are very limited to spectators or players attending the Predator events at the Hyatt on a first come first serve basis so to sign up please email

Tickets are on sale now and spots are still open in the pro and amateur events. Goto or call 407-782-4978