Predator International Underway in Manila

Day one at the Predator International Championships in Manila bore few surprises. Efren Reyes led off the charts to defeat Jayson Shaw 9-6. He will next face David Alcaide of Spain after Alcaide defeated Daryl Peach 9-8. Mika Immonen beat John Morra 9-6 and Jech Limen 9-8 and will next face Chris Melling who defeated Erki Erm (9-6) and Dennis Grabe (9-5).

Thorsten Hohmann trounced Shinjiro Kurokawa (9-3) and Raj Hundal (9-2) and now has to go up against Liu Haitao after Haitao beat Antonio Lining (9-8) and Takashi Uraoka (9-6). Roberto Gomez had to put down two of his countrymen to progress undefeated. He beat Warren Kiamco (9-5) and Jeffrey De Luna (9-7) to earn his seat against Wu Hao who won out over Rickly Zerma (9-3) and Ralf Souquet (9-6).

Ronnie Alcano bested Reda Belhaj (9-0) and Johann Chua (9-8) and now finds himself pitted against Carlo Biado who beat Huidji See (9-6) and Hamza Ali (9-3). Wu Chia Ching had no problems with William Ang (9-3) and Omar Alshaheen (9-2) but now must contend with Darren Appleton who beat Philippe Stojanovic (9-4) and Vincent Facquet (9-7).

Ramil Gallego handled two fearsome opponents fairly easily. He beat Lee Van Corteza (9-6) and Jericho Banares (9-5) and must now go up against his host, Charlie WIlliams. Williams marauded Ryosuke Marouka (9-6) and Rodolfo Luat (9-4). Finally, Jundel Mazon stepped all over Francisco Bustamante (9-3) and RJ Bautista (9-1) and will next play John Salazar who beat Han Hao Xiang (9-6) and a very tough Yukio Akagariyama (9-8).

Eliminations will begin in the next round of play. We will keep you up to date.