Predator to Finish Spain Event in Rio

The weather has continued to curse the Predator Ten Ball stop in Spain. The hard-working tournament team is now busily moving tables to the Hotel Gran Guitart Monterrey and play will begin there at approximately 4PM. The original location, an exhibition area that has a tent-like construction, received further damage from the winds overnight and the heaters gave up the ghost, forcing the venue change.

The continued weather delays do not leave enough time to complete the event before players are scheduled to leave. So Predator has come up with a unique solution. They are going to play this event down to the final 16 players and then stop. Those 16 finalists will then enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil for the next Predator Tour stop in Rio. The Spain event will then play their finals in Rio prior to the kick-off of the Rio event.

It should be noted that none of this news is 'official'. This report is pieced together from information gathered from several players who are there and from other websites.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The weather is just a mother.