Pro Player Travel Fund assists players at Women’s World 9-Ball Championship

AzBilliards, through it's Pro Player Travel Fund, was very proud to provide Monica Webb, Julie Kelly and Angel Paglia with over $2000 in assistance in their quests to win the Women's World 9-Ball Championship in Shenyang, China.

Webb, Kelly and Paglia were joined by Sarah Rousey and Vivian Villarreal as the five representatives from the United States in this event. (Julie Kelly represents the US through her US Citizenship) Both Rousey and Villarreal turned down assistance. Rousey commented "I had a little help so I'd hate to take it away from people who need it.".

The Pro Player Travel Fund was created in 2008 as a way to help assist the US players at World Championships who could no longer count on travel stipends from the BCA. The assistance is technically "loaned" to the players, with only 10% of any winnings from the event expected to be used to repay the "loan". Any player not winning enough to cover the "loan" with 10% of their winnings is forgiven the difference in monies.

Previously, the Pro Player Travel Fund provided assistance to the US Team that competed in the World Team Championship.

The Pro Player Travel Fund would not be possible without the sponsorship of Brunswick Billiards, Diamond Billiard Products, OB Cues and Predator Cues as well as donations from Straight Pool League, Cash Cues and Omega Billiards.

For more information on assisting the Pro Player Travel Fund, contact either Jerry Forsyth or Mike Howerton.