Pro Players Championship Day Three

Charlie Williams

The Pro Players Championship is through two days of play, and the field has been trimmed to just twenty four players. Today, we will trim the field to eight players.

The eight undefeated players will only need one win today to make the final eight. Those winners side matches will be ...

John Schmidt vs Dominic Jentsch
Shane Van Boening vs Corey Deuel
Ralf Souquet vs Oscar Dominguez
Al Lapena vs Charlie Bryant

There are sixteen players on the one loss side, who will be busy all day if they hope to make it to Sunday play. The opening matches on the one loss side are...

Rodney Morris vs Brandon Shuff
Mike Dechaine vs Marcus Chamat
Vincent Facquet vs Mike Davis
Johnny Archer vs Shawn Putnam
Ignacio Chavez vs Charlie Williams
Mika Immonen vs Hunter Lombardo
Kim Davenport vs Frankie Hernandez
Thorsten Hohmann vs Gabe Owen

You can follow all of the action with our online brackets and we are streaming select matches online at