Pro Players Championship Underway

Alex Pagulayan beat Corey Deuel on day one

The Open 10-Ball Pro Players Championship is underway at the Super Billiards Expo in Pennsylvania with a field of seventy two players competing for the guaranteed $20,000 first place prize money.

The field at this event is a "who's who" of top United States talent including such notables as Mike Dechaine, Shane Van Boening, Earl Strickland, Alex Pagulayan, Corey Deuel, Thorsten Hohmann, Rodney Morris, Darren Appleton, Shawn Putnam, Johnny Archer, Charlie Williams, Oscar Dominguez, Gabe Owen, Mika Immonen, Stevie Moore, Mike Davis, Ralf Souquet and Dennis Hatch.

Matches are underway and Thorsten Hohmann, Corey Deuel, Jundel Mazon and Matt Krah are already on the left side of the board.

If you can't make it to the event, you can follow all of the action with our online brackets.