Putnam sets the one-pocket pace in Columbus

Corey Deuel's break backfired on him Thursday

The field of players at the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour's One Pocket event at Cornfed Reds Billiards in Columbus Ohio has been narrowed from 32 to 16.

John Coleman from Richmond Virginia defeated Danny Basavich 3-2 on the winners side to earn a match with Shawn Putnam on Friday. Putnam is yet to lose a game.

Also on the winners side, Chris Bartrum took advantage of Corey Deuel's wide open one-pocket break to win the match 3-2. Bartrum ran '8 and out' twice against Deuel's break.

On the one-loss side, WPBA star Sarah Rousey lost to Jeff White 3-2. The final game came down to the final ball. White will face Basavich on Friday.

Room owner Dane Clark is still playing in the one-loss side. Clark reportedly financed his room with one-pocket action. He will face Jamie McWhorter on Friday.

Brackets are online and will be updated throughout the event.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe