Q School Deadline This Friday

The deadline for entering Q School, World Snooker's qualifying school for the professional tour, falls this Friday at 5pm.
All amateur players who want to chase their dream and earn the chance to play against the top pros for millions of pounds in prize money should get their entries in immediately. To enter go to www.worldsnooker.com and click 'Online Entries' on the home page under 'New This Month'.
World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn said: "All Q School entries must be in by this Friday at 5pm. So if you have ever dreamed of being a professional snooker player and competing on the professional circuit, get your entry in NOW!
"Take a look at the calendar for next season and you'll see that snooker is becoming a global sport in a way never witnessed before. We've got tournaments happening all around the world, and there are more in the pipeline. Prize money is growing dramatically and is set to go over £7 million next season. The best players are earning fortunes for playing the game that they love. If you've got the talent and the dedication then you could be one of them.
"And this time it's a TWO-YEAR tour card for all 12 players who qualify through Q School. That takes a lot of pressure off players in their first year and gives them time to climb the rankings.
"Another great thing about Q School is that you don't have to play for a whole year...all you need to be ready for is three weeks in Sheffield in May. You'll be playing under professional conditions, and if you play well for just one of those weeks you could find yourself on the pro tour.
"It's open to everyone, giving a fantastic opportunity to all players. Now it's up to you to take that opportunity."
Just to re-cap on the key reasons for playing in Q School:
- It's a TWO YEAR TOUR CARD to all 12 players who qualify from Q School. The event starts on May 13.
- Prize money is increasing rapidly and is set to go over £7 million next season.
- It will be played under professional conditions at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield - the perfect preparation for the main tour.
- There will be three separate events, so that's three bites of the cherry. And you don't need to win an event, just get to the semi-finals and you've got the two-year tour card!
- The new Q School ranking list sees players earning one point for every frame won. During the main tour season, should any of the tournament draws fall short then the field will be topped up with the highest ranked players from the Q-School list.
Check out our new Q School page on Facebook where you can watch videos and share comments about the event. Just go to www.facebook.com/worldsnookerQschool
For full terms and conditions and more details about Q School go to www.worldsnookerqschool.com