Quentin Corner Pocket Viking Update

The Viking Tour had a stop at Quentin Corner Pocket today, Saturday, November 20, 2004, (and will end tomorrow) with 43 players in attendace. This pool hall, located at 755 N Quentin Rd in Palatine, IL (847) 705-1361, is open 24 hours with 15 tables. Every Friday and Saturday night starting around 9PM you can find 6 pocket action starting at $0.50 and plays continues until you can't shoot anymore or the ATM stops working! Some top players were in attendance such as Jim Engels, Willie Munson, Henry Brodt, Gordy Vanderveer, Gil Hernandez, Duane Tuula, Tom McCluskey, Mike Moran, Chuck Ferrara, Denny Keenan, Rich Mager, Jeremy Balahood, and father and son Sandy and Conner Lively. Four women were in the field: Rene Campagna, Susie Levinberg, Nancy Lucacs, and professional player Sarah Rousey. The tournament director for this event was pool room owner, Mark Haddad.

On the winner side is Willie Munson vs Manuel Chau, Mike Moran waiting for the winner of Brad Ragon vs Jim Engels.

On the one loss side are: Gordy Vanderveer waiting for the winner of Sergio Perez vs Scott Cohen, Rich Mager vs Nik Bolin, Henry Brodt waiting for the winner of Rich Kryfka vs Sarah Rousey, and Tom McCluskey waiting for the winner of Jeff Patel vs Rick Coleman.