Quiet Roller Cues Join Predator’s Roadline

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA (July 20, 2009) – Quiet Roller cues, the newest addition to Predator's Roadline, offer players an unmatched combination of subtle beauty and top-of-the-line engineering with their hustler-inspired designs and high-performance shaft technology.
Designed for the true hustlers at heart, the novel yet understated Quiet Rollers make their marks…quietly. The two-cue pairing features exotic Cocobolo and Birdseye woods, sleek black accent rings, and cream bumpers.  Both designs are traditional, with complimentary solid wood joint collars, forearms, handles and butt sleeves; however, the stunning grain patterns in the woods provide just the right amount of intrigue to solidify the uniqueness of each cue.
Hidden underneath the discrete Quiet Roller casing lies Predator technology and construction, complete with an A-joint for added stability and a Uni-Loc® Radial® joint system for a solid wood-to-wood feel; the cues are finished with the 3142 performance-enhancing shaft for increased accuracy.  With its modest aesthetic, the new line is notably different from other cues Predator has released, giving players yet another option to select the equipment that best matches their game.
“Quiet Roller is perfect for the player who likes to stay under the radar, but compete with a cue they can trust,” says Karim Belhaj, CEO of Predator Group.  “These cues have a very different motif than other Predator cues, and we're excited to expand our product offering to reach new players.”
The Quiet Roller 1 retails for $599, and the Quiet Roller 2 retails for $649.  Dealers can place their orders today.  For the hustlers who are looking to snare their next pigeon, cues will be available for purchase in August. To view the Quiet Roller cues visit http://www.predatorcues.com/predator_cues_quiet_roller.php.
Predator Cues, an international billiards industry leader, is a high-performance, professional pool cue producer focused on developing revolutionary technology that enhances performance for billiards players worldwide. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Predator Cues is a division of Predator Group whose core brands also include Poison Billiards and Uni-Loc®. For more information regarding Predator Group's products, visit www.predatorgroup.com. For information on Predator Cues visit www.predatorcues.com.