Raj Hitman Hundal Faces Tough Test

Raj Hundal

June 20th 2009 will see the very much anticipated £1000 per-man 10 ball challenge between Raj 'Hitman' Hundal and Ricardo 'Indiana' Jones.
Raj Hundal, the 2005 World Pool Masters Champion and regular on the International tournament scene, is rarely seen playing in one-on-one challenge matches. A player that is flamboyant and exciting and believes in hitting the break hard will come up against a UK based player he has known for over 10 years.
Ricardo 'Indiana' Jones is the house-pro at top Cambridge pool venue Mickey Flynn's and is regularly seen playing challenge matches against some of Europe's top players. Most recently Ricardo lost a very tight match against Dutchman Alex Lely. This particular money match went hill-hill. Jones, who has also represented the UK in the World Pool Championships in the past is probably regarded as the underdog on paper.
Jones recently commented "...a lot of practice is required because I know I'm gonna have to produce a near faultless display to win...I, like him [Raj Hundal] consider myself part of the old-skool, the way American Pool used to be played with powerful breaks and great shot making."
It is going to be an absolutely cracking match and Ricardo Jones is not a player to be underestimated and Raj will have to work hard if he is to win the match. There is due to be a return match and this is already pencilled in for Hounslow, the home of Raj Hundal, but lets get this one out of the way first.
The match is being played for £1000-per-man and starts at 7pm (UK time) it is a race-to-25 that is expected to go close to the wire - the match is being shown live on pay-per-view by WebTV channel Cuesport TV. You can purchase the match from just £2.95 ($4.75) which will allow you 24 hour access to the channels subscription service.
Visit: http://www.cuesport.tv for further information.