Ralf Souquet Champ at Diamond Nine EuroTour/Dynamic Swiss Open

Ralf Souquet

While many were gearing up for the 2008 U.S. Open, Ralf Souquet was stealing thunder all of his own at the Diamond Nine EuroTour/Dynamic Swiss Open in Payerne, Switzerland.  The event itself was held October 16th-18th and brought in approximately 217 players representing thirty-seven countries total.

The nine-ball event began with the preliminary rounds running in a double elimination format and the final thirty-two players switched to single elimination.  All rounds boasted races to nine, alternate breaks.  Souqet had wins over Eric Marendaz 9-3 (Switzerland), Fabian Breuer 9-2 (Germany), and Matiaz Erculj 9-5 (Slovenia) to seal the win in his group and to move into the final thirty-two players.

Once in the final few players, he was one of many top named players including female favorite Jasmin Ouschan, Tony Drago, Vincent Facquet, Karl Boyes, Marcus Chamat, Nick Van Den Berg, Darren Appleton, and young sensation Dominic Jentsch just to name a few.

Souquet's race to the final round of the tournament pitted him against Markus Juva 9-3 (Finland), Tony Drago 9-6 (Malta), Dimitri Jungo 9-5 (Switzerland), and Phil Burford 9-2 (Great Britain) before his ultimate opponent in the finals Christian Reimering (Germany).  Reimering posed no threat to Souquet as he dominated the set 9-4 to take home the victory this weekend.

For additional information about the tour, including this particular event, visit www.eurotouronline.eu