Ralf wins Shanghai Beer King v Queen Challenge

Pan Xiaoting and Ralf Souquet

The Shanghai Beer King v Queen Pool Challenge was played at the Big Bamboo Bar in Shanghai Tuesday evening between 5 times world champion Ralf Souquet and local star Pan Xiaoting, the Asian Women's 9-Ball pool champion. Pan Xiaoting was originally offered a 5 frame head start in the race to 15 match but bravely decided to play off an equal mark.

Pan won the lag for the break but unfortunately scratched the cue ball. Ralf took this opportunity to win the first frame, and then broke and won the second frame. Pan Xiaoting broke unluckily scratched again in the 3rd game, which was alternating break format. Ralf again cleaned the table racing to a 3-0 lead, making the task ahead seem all but impossible for Pan Xiaoting.

Bravely Pan won the next and fought to get to a 10-6 score position giving some hope of a mighty comeback. Her open potting was strong, though her safety game was a level below the world champion's. Ralf composed himself and took the match by a convincing 15-7 scoreline.

Pan Xiao ting showed she is not that far from the best male players in the world. She will certainly give the leading female players in the world something to worry about in the next year when she travels to the US to play on the Women's Professional Billiards Association qualifying tour.

The event was broadcast on Shanghai Sports Television on Friday evening prime time and will be broadcast on other provincial stations around China.

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