Ralph Eckert’s book “The Final Freedom – Reflections of a Master Student” is now available in English

Ralph’s book, which has been well received by the German-speaking audience, is now available in English from SciWie Publishing in Europe. SciWie will ship books to the USA and anywhere else in the world, but are looking to find the right business partners to have the book printed in the USA (or other locations), rather than shipping across the Atlantic. This would save overseas customers time and shipping costs. 


Ralph Eckert: “Getting this project to happen took a great deal of effort. It began with finding the right translator. In addition to being an experienced professional, fluent in both languages, this person also needed to be familiar with the world of pool & billiards. After a lengthy search, I finally found Mr. Allan Wier II from Niles, Michigan, who did an incredible job! Now it’s up to my English-speaking audience to buy the book, read it and see if they like it as much as my German-speaking readers. To all players: it’s not so much a question of whether you can afford to buy the book, but can you afford not to read it? Quite likely you will find yourself competing against players who have read my book. The book isn’t just meant for pool & billiard players, it has its share of fans outside the world of pool and billiard world, and has even been recommended by one of the best stage directors from Europe!”
The book costs US$ 26.00 (€ 24.95 plus shipping) and can be ordered by email: info@sciwie.de
The Book
In 26 chapters, this book reflects 26 selected philosophical nuggets of wisdom that Mr. Kim, wise and experienced Chinese pool player and billiards establishment proprietor, imparted to the young Ralph beginning in 1982 as his mentor and father figure. These words of wisdom changed the young man’s life and shaped his career as a professional pool player. Their spiritual content is grounded in Eastern philosophy and Asian wisdom. Mr. Kim, the master, shared these aphorisms with his student Ralph whenever he grappled with critical situations.
It is our entire personality that determines our specific actions. We are by no means aware of all of the factors influencing our behavior. However, our consciousness is the deciding factor on the path to success. Only self-awareness and the resulting will to change can guide us to our goal. It is almost irrelevant which activity it is we are striving for perfection in; when we ignore the basic principles for success failure looms large at every turn. This book applies for any and all activities.
Since adolescence, Ralph Eckert’s passion has been professional pool. Considered to be the most difficult game of skill in the world, pool places the highest demands on hand-eye coordination, technique, tactical reasoning and – mental strength! Using this fascinating game as an example, the author reflects the principles of his master in a manner that is both focused and entertaining. Of course, the book also includes his descriptions of classical critical situations and how to handle them.
When we play, every fiber of our being is involved and the great thinkers have always known: You will find out more about people when they are playing than any other time. Thus, this inspirational book is meant not just for pool players, but for all those who take charge of their lives and follow their own path to satisfaction. Without fail, everyone who reads this book will find useful information for their own everyday reality.
The Author
Ralph Eckert was born in 1965 in Mannheim, Germany and lives in Berlin now. He has been playing pool since 1982 and has been making a living playing pool, teaching and giving trick shot exhibitions for many years. Ralph played on the German national tour for a number of years and had a great deal of success in the German premier league. He has also played in the Austrian premier league. In 2000 he was ranked number one on the Euro Tour and was a world trick shot champion in 2004. He has a worldwide reputation as an instructor and is active primarily abroad for various national teams and private individuals. His first book, “Modern Pool” came out in 1995 and continues to be the standard instruction manual in Germany. Additional specialist publications (PAT/IPAT) followed. Ralph audited courses in sports psychology at the University of Heidelberg for many years, discovering the parallels and connections between Mr. Kim’s instructions and modern sports psychology. Also increasingly in demand as a commentator in live-stream transmissions, his life continues to revolve around pool. He still competes in professional tournaments in the USA and Europe. (His instructions are also available in the actual training App “CheckBilliard”.)
Mr. Kim
Born in 1943 in Korea, Tobias Kim has been living in Heidelberg, Germany since the 70s. His father participated in the resistance movement against the Japanese occupying forces. After years on the run, traveling through Manchuria, Mr. Kim’s family settled in Shanghai. After receiving a classical Chinese education, he attended an elite English boarding school in Macau and subsequently studied Mathematics, Physics and English Language and Literature in New York, Vienna, London and finally in Heidelberg. Mr. Kim was forced to cancel his studies when his parents passed away. In 1982 he opened a billiard café in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and operated a billiards wholesale business. After recovering from a serious stroke in 2007, he retired from business in 2008 and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement now surrounded by his beloved books.