Randy Goettlicher has been named president of The Monk Masters University

The Monk Masters University is a training center in Dallas Texas where students undergo an intensive training program to become Monk Masters. Each student receives hands on training from Randy Goetlicher and his staff, along with The Monk. They learn the complete Monk 101 system and become certified as a Monk Master. The enrollee is then given a protected territory. A Monk Master can expect to earn a great living sharing his knowledge of pocket billiards.

The enrollee goes through four days of training at The Monk Masters University in Dallas. The student then returns to his home town and organizes a Maine Event Monk 101 workshop. Randy Goettlicher or The Monk will attend this workshop to kick off the students career in that city. The student then returns to The Monk Masters University for another special four days of training where he/she teaches other teachers. Upon completion he/she then becomes certified as a Monk Master.

“This is by far the most comprehensive training program anyone will ever get in this game today.” Says University president Randy Goettlicher. “When a student receives his/her Monk Master status, you can be sure this teacher is qualified to teach the entire Monk 101 series.”

The next session at The Monk Masters University is June 23rd through the 27th. A special teacher from New Zealand will be on hand. The Monk and Randy, along with several teachers will assist the student through the program. If you are interested in a teaching career in pocket billiards, contact The Monk today. monkbilliardacademy@yahoo.com The class is limited