Rasmussen holds off one-loss side challenge to take Bay Area Amateur Tour stop

Nikki Rasmussen held off a one-loss side challenge by Kelly Cavanaugh to go undefeated on the Bay Area Amateur Tour stop on Saturday, April 17. The $500-added event drew 25 competitors to Park Place Billiards in Clearwater, FL. 

The first of Rasmussen's final three matches was a shutout victory over Shannon Jones, which put her into the hot seat match against Sabra MacArthur Beahn. Beahn had sent tour director Stephanie Mitchell west 5-2. Rasmussen gained the hot seat with a 5-3 win over MacArthur Beahn and watched, as Cavanaugh worked her way back. 

After a shutout victory over Vicki Clark and a 4-2 win over Lisa McElroy, Cavanaugh was waiting for Jones on the one-loss side. Mitchell drew Rachel Delaney, who'd defeated Melissa Durkin 5-1 and Keva Hevener 5-2. Mitchell dropped Delaney into the tie for fifth place 6-2, as Cavanaugh did likewise to Jones 5-3. Cavanaugh survived a tight match versus Mitchell in the quarterfinals, but advanced to the semifinals 4-3. She allowed MacArthur Beahn only a single rack in those semifinals and was poised for an upset. 

Rasmussen had other ideas. She took the finals 5-3 to seal the deal and complete an undefeated day.