Rasmussen wins KBP Longwood event

Jennifer Nelson 2nd place winner, Kay Higgins tour owner, Niki Rasmussen 1st place winner

The KBP Fury Florida Ladies Amateur 9-Ball Tour held its 3rd stop on May 29, 2004 at Fast Break Billiards in Longwood, Florida.

The 16 Ladies came to play 9-Ball and they showed it with impressive play and concentration. The games were intense and the concentration high with each bracket. In their very first match Niki Rasmussen sent Jennifer Prost to the west side to have Jennifer Nelson take the lead in their 2nd match and put Niki to the one loss side. In their 3rd match of the event Helene Caukin sent Amy Poulter to the one loss side while Jennifer Nelson holding strong sent Tracy McCreary to the west side.

Niki Rasmussen traveled through the one loss side knocking out players like Jessica Barnes, Amy Poulter, Jennifer Prost and Helene Caukin . The Queen of the Hill match was set between Niki Rasmussen and the leader on the winners side Jennifer Nelson who had sent Niki earlier to the to the one loss side. Niki and Jennifer were tied through out the race to 9 games. Each player played their best and were both determined to take the prize but in the end with a 9-8 lead Niki took her spot in the 1st place bracket, making this her second win with Kings Bay Promotions Fury Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour this season

Dave Pagano and Rob Dasha own Fast Break Billiards. We would like to thank them for their sponsorship of our tour. Their staff has always treated the players very well and us. The room is set up for tournament style play and the tables are well cared for.

Complete Payouts:
1st place- Niki Rasmussen--$280
2nd place- Jennifer Nelson-- $170
3rd place- Helene Caukin-- $100
4th place- Jennifer Prost-- $ 70