Rassmussen Never Says Die at the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour Grand Finale

Niki Rasmussen made a smooth path to the finals. She started off with a bye then made quick work of her opponents. She sent Lisa Parsons to the loser's bracket with a score of 5-1. Stephanie Mitchell followed Lisa to the one loss side with a score of 5-3 and Jamie Toennies joined them with a 5-0 score.
On the one loss side Melissa Morlan and Bettina Chase were battling it out to see who would make it into the money rounds. Betti the Brit came out on top with a 4-2 score. At the same time Stacey Lantz was trying to accomplish the same task after having wins over Sabra McArthur Beahn and up and comer Shanelle Loraine. Mitchell put a stop to her progress with a 6-4 score, moving on to play Chase. Chase was not her usually self and fell to Mitchell for the second time this day with a 6-1 finish and 4th place prize money of $100.
This set up the fight to get back to the queen of the hill. Mitchell faced Toennies who had just been knocked over to the wrong side of the board. There was still no stopping Stephanie as she was ready to take on Rasmussen again and claim the grand finale victory as her own. Jamie lost 6-3 but earned $150 for third place.
The finals were true double elimination. It looked like Mitchell was going to run away with the title. She won the first set with a very decisive 6-1 victory. The second set started off just as one sided when Stephanie jumped out to a 4-0 lead. THEN the band started bringing in their equipment right next to the table. Niki smelled Stephanie's lack of focus and pounced!! Once she got that first game there was no stopping her! she racked up game after game and never looked back until she had claimed first place for her own. Niki received $300 for her first place finish. Stephanie settled for $200 for second.
The Tiger Bay Area Tour grand finale was made possible by www.Sterling-Gaming.com, Tiger Products, www.StrokeItWear.com and Lucasi Hybrid who we would like to give special thanks to for enabling our last event of the season (our player's banquet on December 12th) to be such a great success. Everyone will love their end of the year prizes thanks to Lucasi Hybrid Cues!!