Rasson Billiards Signs Sponsorship With Jayson Shaw

Jayson Shaw
Rasson Billiards are delighted to announce that they have recently reached a sponsorship contract of three years with Jayson “Eagle Eye” Shaw.
Jayson Shaw, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1988, has been playing since he was 5 years old. Just as many of the British players have done, Shaw began his career playing English 8-ball, and first turned his attention to American pool in 2006. Jayson is the most dynamic pool player in recent years and has already amassed a large resume of titles including 5 x Turning Stone Classic Champion, 2x Derby City Classic Big Foot Champion, Kuwait 9 Ball Champion, ESPN Challenge of Champions Winner, US Open 9 Ball Champion, Mosconi Cup Winner. He was also voted as Player of the Year in 2016 by Billiards Digest and AZ Billiards. Just days ago, he won the double titles in both 8-Ball and Straight pool at the “2017 Make It Happen Invitationals”. He is definitely the champion of champions of this era.
RASSON BILLIARDS, based in Jiujiang City of China, specializes in billiard tables and slates since it’s establishment in 1990. With the unique design and top quality of products, Rasson nowadays is the biggest billiard table manufacturer and exporter in the world!
With the signing of Jayson Shaw, RASSON now sponsors 7 players, including Florian Kohler, Darren Appleton, Kevin Cheng, Fu Xiaofang, Shi Tianqi and Matthew Webber.
Shaw is excited with the new sponsorship deal, “I’ve played on Rasson tables and they play great. I’m very happy to announce Rasson as my official sponsor and to work with the best table company in the world. I look forward to a long relationship with Rasson. ”
Junny Song, the general manager of Rasson, expressed Rasson’s feelings regarding the cooperation, “We’re glad to have Jayson on board of Rasson team. He plays great and seems nothing could stop him. We now have total 7 players in our players team, we sponsor them not only to support the billiards sport and players, they are famous and play great, some companies also sponsor many players, they mainly want to increase the brand through the famous players, but we’re not like them, the more we’re hoping is to get the advices from the players concerning tables. As excellent pro players, they must have more strict requirement and higher demand to the playability of a table, they also usually have some unique insights on building a good table, so we’d like to listen to their ideas and work together to build the truly good tables and supply to the market”.