Rebecca Wagner strikes again in the Arizona desert

Rebecca Wagner


Rebecca Wagner of Las Vegas, Nevada, won the 3rd stop of the Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour. The big table, 9-ball event was held at Pockets in Tucson August 6th-7th. She beat Susan Williams 9-3 in the one-race final to win her second AWBT event of the 2011 season. 

Lenny Johnson,  owner of Pockets,  added $300 to the tournament and 21 ladies from Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas ,and Wisconsin came out to play. The AWBT has been using a tournament program called IngenPool Pro v.3.0. The program   has a feature that keeps players from the same region having to face each other in the first round. No one wants to travel and then face your road partner in the first round. The program has many other great features and makes running the tournaments a pleasure. 

Saturday's play had many exciting hilltop matches. Playing down to the final four on the loser's side for Sunday were Susan Wilbur, Michelle Trevino, Carol Webb, and Edwidge Cavanna.

Sunday's winner’s side matches had Rebecca Wagner beating road partner Stacy Allsup 7-2 and Susan Williams over Pocahontas (Alicia Streenz) 7-3. In the winner's side final it was Wagner over Williams 7-2.

The loser's side had Susan Wilbur knocking out Tucson's Michelle Trevino 7-5. This was Michelle's first event since taking a break for motherhood and she made a real strong showing. Edwidge Cavanna beat Carol Webb 7-2. Michelle and Carol both finished in  7th /8th  place.

Susan Wilbur beat Stacy Allsup 7-3 and Pocahontas over Edwidge 7-1. Stacy and Edwidge finished in 5th/6th place. In the 3rd & 4th place matchup, it was Wilbur over Pocahontas 7-1. Congratulations to Pocahontas for a fantastic 4th place finish. In the match between Williams and Wilbur, after 3 games, Wilbur was unable to continue due to a stiff neck (those awful hotel pillows)

The finals were a rematch between Rebecca Wagner and Susan Williams. Rebecca proved to be too steady and coasted to a 9-3 win. This was the second AWBT tournament this season that she has gone undefeated and as a result, she has 400 points and is the current AWBT points leader. Congratulations to Susan Williams on some great play and a second place finish.

Sunday we also held our 2nd chance tournament and had 10 ladies in this free entry event. With 8 still in the main event that gave us 18 out of 21 ladies playing again on Sunday. Thank you ladies for your participation! The 2nd chance winner was decided by a coin flip as the ladies wanted to watch the main event final. Diana Clayton won the flip and a split of the money with Adrienne Ferguson. Jeri Engh of Wisconsin placed third.

Thanks goes out to Lenny Johnson and his staff at Pockets for their great service and friendly atmosphere and hosting this event.

Thanks to Bill MacKinnon for his internet streaming all weekend.

Thanks to the AWBT secret sponsor of $100. We need more sponsors!

Thanks to my co-director Kristie Ortega and Scott Waterhouse for all the hard work running this event. 

Our next tournament is at BullShooters in Phoenix on September 10th & 11th. 

We hope to see you there and please bring a friend to play or to just watch all these great ladies play pool!