Rector and Remmick score Viking Tour Wins

Daniel Neldner, Laura McDermott, Steve Rector, Jim McDermott

Magoo's Restaurant and Billiards in Tulsa, Oklahoma hosted this weekends Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours "Open" and Amateur" events on May 3rd & 4th, 2008. Magoo's has been a family run establishment since 1994 and is owned and operated by Jim & Laura McDermott who are avid pool players themselves. Magoo's offers a variety of entertainment with live bands on Friday and Saturday nights, a full restaurant menu that features the best food this side of the Mississippi from salads to awesome steaks and delicious desserts as well a full bar. Magoo's houses 29 tables featuring 9 brand new 9 ft Brunswick GCIV's and 2 antique Brunswick Snooker and Billiard tables as well as a variety of 7 ft tables. In addition to Magoo's offering dining, dancing, live music and billiards all of which is tastefully blended together they also offer the players the best equpitment and playing atmosphere that even the most critical of players are sure to appreciate. If you are looking for action Magoo's is located at 5002 S. Memorial Dr. in Tulsa Oklahoma and is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday thru Wednesday and 24 hours on Thrusday, Friday and Saturday.

The Open Division featured some exciting matches and several upsets. Early in the event Buddy Hall unexpectidly forfieted his match to Brian Jones when Hall was leading the race to 11 set by a score of 7-3. Hall stated the reason for his forfeit was "He misunderstood a ruling by the director, Mike Janis and it upset him. After that he didn't feel like playing anymore". Hall was fined a fee of $130 for his walking out on the match per Viking tour rules which Hall promptly paid along with giving an apology to everyone. In the semi finals Steve Rector defeated Shane McMinn 11-7 to get into the finals and face Daniel Neldner once again for the championship after losing to him in the hot seat match 11-6. Rector then won the 1st set in the true double elimination event 11-5 and 2nd set 11- 4 to take first.

Nelder worked his way thru the bottom half of the bracket to reach the finals undefeated by facing some strong opponents and sending each of them to the left side of the brackets. Neldner drew a bye in round one and proceeded to defeat Joey Gray 11-9; Jim McDermott 11-8; Jesse James 11-4; Steve Rector 11-6 before facing Rector again in the finals.

Rector started his run in the top half of the bracket defeating Brittany Colbert 11-4; Chip Compton 11-5; Shane McMinn 11-6; David Strawn 11-7 before being sent to the one loss side by Neldner 11-6 where he defeated Shane McMinn 11-7. Rector won set 1 in the finals 11-5.

McMinn took 3rd he started with a bye in round one defeated John Gabriel 11-9; was sent to the one loss side by Rector 11-6 where he defeated Joey Gray 11-1; Doc Ramey 11-7; Jesse James 11-6; Brian Jones 11-6 and losing in the semi finals to Rector 11-7.

The Payouts for the Open Division totaled $3565
1st $1570 Steve Rector
2nd $955 Daniel Neldner
3rd $500 Shane McMinn
4th $300 Brian Jones
5/6th $120 each David Strawn / Jesse James

The Amateur Division featured Chip Compton vs Duane Remmick in the finals in the true double elmination format offered by The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour , Remmick came back and defeated Comptom in both sets to win the Amateur Division.

Remmick begin his work in the bottom half of the bracket defeating Neil Drews 7-6; before being sent to the one loss side by Chris Weast 7-4; Remmick worked his way back to the finals defeating Derek Soeten 5-1; Curtis Dejarnett 5-2; KJ Burkes 5-4; Steve Deason 5-4; Travis Frakes 5-2 in the quarter finals and Eddie Dortch in the semi finals 5-2 Remmick won set 1--7-4 and set 2--5-2 against Compton

Compton begin his run for the finals in the top half of the bracket and went undefeated against KJ Burkes 7-1; Greg Thompson 7-2; Curtis Dejarnett 7-1; Jaron Williams 7-3; Eddie Dortch 7-2 in the match for the hot seat before taking 2nd place with his loss to Remmick in the finals.

Dortch rolled thru the bottom half of the bracket undefeated before being sent to the left side of the chart by Compton, Dortch sent his opponents packing one after another starting with Joe Gann 7-6; Ban Lam 7-4; Steven Cobb 7-5; Steve Deason 7-2.

Amateur Division Paid out $1205
1st $430 Duane Remmick
2nd $300 Chip Compton
3rd $200 Eddie Dortch
4th $125 Travis Frakes
5/6th $75 each Steve Deason / Jaron Williams