Reigning Champions Return For Undefeated Win At Planet Nine Ball

Planet Nine Ball in Tampa Florida was the setting this last weekend for the State of Florida Annual BCA 8-Ball Jack and Jill Scotch Doubles Tournament.

Donnie Bianco and Lisa Hamilton, from the Amateur Billiards Federation League in Tampa, went undefeated Saturday to come back Sunday and face Jim Ramsey and Helene Caukin from The West Volusia BCA League in DeLand for King/Queen of the Hill. Despite an excellent effort from Jim and Helene, Donnie and Lisa dominated the match winning 5 - 1.

Jim and Helene then went against Rick Mansfield and Vickey Day from Paul?s Sunday Night 8 Ball League in Ormond Beach. The match was a close one all the way with both teams alternating wins and losses. Neither team were ever ahead by more than one game. It came down to the wire when Rick and Vickey were able to pull it off with a 5 ? 4 win over Jim and Helene.

Rick and Vickey returned from the single loss side needing to win two matches against the undefeated Donnie/Lisa in this double elimination tournament. However, Donnie and Lisa played as one to win the tournament undefeated with a 5- 2 victory over Rick and Vickey.

We want to thank Planet Nine Ball for not only hosting this event but adding $500 to the tournament. Contact your local BCA League Operator for information regarding future events being planed for the 2005 season. To find a league operator near you visit:

1st Place: Donnie Bianco / Lisa Hamilton $600
2nd Place: Rick Mansfield / Vickey Day $300
3rd Place: Jim Ramsey / Helene Caukin $200
4th Place: John ?Buddy? Folberth/Janet Smith $100
5th Place: Jaime Duncan / Autumn Duncan $50
Rick Rogers / Suzanne Gendrot $50