Reyes, Chohan, Pagulayan, Van Boening, Smith, and Jones

The voting is done and the “Make-It-Happen” One-Pocket field is complete.
The six chosen one-pocket specialists are:
Efren Reyes: Defending Champion
Tony Chohan: Accu-Stats 1st Pick
Alex Pagulayan: Voted in by Supporters
Shane Van Boening: Voted in by Supporters
Danny Smith: Voted in by Supporters
Jeremy Jones: Accu-Stats 2nd Pick
With less than a month to go, the “Make-It-Happen” One-Pocket Invitational is one step closer to crowning a champion.  On June 2-5, 2016, these one-pocket superstars will play in a round robin format.  Everyone will play everyone else!  The two players with the best won-lost record will play one more match for the title.  Bill Incardona and Danny Diliberto will provide the play by play.
This is Accu-Stats’ third one-pocket invitational in its “Make-It-Happen” series.  This special event invites six players with an all expenses paid trip and no entry fee.  Each player wins $1,000 for each match won.  The only way that this is even possible is with the help of supporters who purchase the “Make-It-Happen” package.  100% of the support money goes into the four day event.  Accu-Stats takes nothing.
The tournament will be staged in the Aramith/Simonis Arena at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, New Jersey.  All of the matches will be played on a Diamond Pro-Am pool table with Simonis Cloth and Aramith balls.  We can’t do any better than that!
Of course, there’s still time to help support this event because we still have a ways to go to generate enough funds.  Go to and read about the goodies that you’ll receive or call me, Pat Fleming, at 800-828-0397 and I’ll tell you all about it!