Reyes Redeems Himself at DCC 9-Ball

Efren Reyes

The 2010 Derby City Classic wrapped up this 10-day extravaganza with a premier 9-ball finals between Rodney Morris and Efren Reyes. “The Rocket” and “The Magician”  appeared in the Accu-stats arena to wow fans with their moves. In the final match, Reyes was in true form. The only errors to be found were his three dry breaks. His position was flawless and his kicking was phenomenal. Reyes took the match 7-4 when Morris broke in four balls and the cue ball in the final rack.

Of the 257 9-ball entries, Reyes came through the field after losing his second match to young player Daniel McKenney. Of the final six players two stood out as, what some would think were underdogs. We never would've known it from their performances. 24-year-old Shannon Murphy remained undefeated longer than any other player in the 9-ball event. Murphy lost to Reyes in round 10 and then again in round 11, the semi-finals, to finish tied for third/fourth. Local player Jeremy Sossei did his best in his semi-finals match against Morris, staying with him 3-3, then 4-4 before the rocket took off, taking the set 7-4 to meet Reyes in the finals.

1st     Efren Reyes     $16,000
2nd    Rodney Morris     $8,000
3rd     Shannon Murphy     $4,000
4th     Jeremy Sossei     $4,000
5th     Justin Hall     $2,250
6th     Billy Bailey     $2,250

The cream of the crop rises to the top. This year, the top three Master of the Table awards all went to winners of the divisions. Reyes unofficially secured his well-deserved title as the Master in round 10 after defeating Murphy the first time.

Master of the Table
1st     Efren Reyes     $20,000
2nd     John Brumback     $3,000
3rd     Scott Frost     $2,000

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