Reyes upset at BCA Open Day One

Efren Reyes came within one minute of winning by forfeit

Day one is complete at the BCA Open 9-Ball Championships with more than the usual number of upsets.

In one match that drew quite a bit of attention, Satoshi Kawabata beat Efren Reyes with a unique twist. Thinking his match was at a different time, Kawabata was put on the clock when he did not report in time for his match. He was finally reached by phone and told he was on a 15 minute clock before forfeiting the match. He made it to the tournament room with one minute to spare and had enough time to hit two balls before the match was underway. He went on to defeat Reyes 11-8.

While not being prepared might have helped Kawabata, it hindered Loree Jon Jones. She arrived on time for her match. Unfortunately, she had left her cues back home. She had to borrow a cue from Joe Salazar and went on to lose 9-3 to Stacy Hurst.

In the final round of the night, Johnny Archer had his hands full with young Nick Schulman from New York. Schulman stayed with Archer to the 8-8 mark before Archer was able to win two games and get to the hill. A missed carom by Archer let Schulman back to 10-9 before a table run by Archer ended the match 11-9.

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