Reyes wins Derby All Around Title

Efren Reyes

The Derby City Classic 9-Ball Division is now down to five players, but Efren Reyes has already locked up the Master of the Table race again.

Matches in this round are...
Efren Reyes vs Robb Saez
Santos Sambajon vs James Baraks
Mika Immonen has a bye.

Of those players, Saez is the only one with a buyback left.

Although the 9-ball winner is yet to be determined, Reyes has already earned enough point to lock up first place in the Master of the Table competition. David Matlock has second place locked up and Corey Deuel is currently in third place. A win in the 9-ball event by Robb Saez would move him in front of Deuel for third place.

Round 8 Results:
Efren Reyes beat Johnny Archer
Danny Basavich beat Shawn Putnam
George Breedlove beat Go Takami
Francisco Bustamante beat Mika Immonen
Andreas Roschkowski beat Marcus Chamat
Manuel Chau beat Jeremy Jones
Corey Deuel beat Jose Parica
Earl Strickland beat Dennis Hatch
Rodolfo Luat beat Ronnie Wiseman
James Baraks beat Jamie McWorter
Santos Sambajon beat Troy Frank
Robb Saez beat Ray Schultz

Round 9 Results:
Francisco Bustamante beat Danny Basavich
Santos Sambajon beat Manuel Chau
George Breedlove beat Corey Deuel
Mika Immonen beat Earl Strickland
James Baraks beat Jamie McWorter
Andrew Roschkowski beat Efren Reyes
Robb Saez beat Rodolfo Luat

Round 10 Results:
Efren Reyes beat George Breedlove
Corey Deuel beat Francisco Bustamante
Robb Saez beat Andreas Roschkowski
James Baraks beat Santos Sambajon
Mika Immonen had a bye

Round 11 Results:
Efren Reyes beat James Baraks
Mika Immonen beat Corey Deuel
Robb Saez beat Francisco Bustamante
Santos Sambajon had a bye.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe