Reyes wins Derby City One Pocket and All Around

Efren Reyes

Efren Reyes has won the One-Pocket division and $20,000 all around Champion bonus at the Derby City Classic.

Reyes lost to Billy Palmer early on Friday, after looking like he had the match well in hand. Reyes led 2-1 in games and was leading the fourth game 7-5 when a bank attempt went awry allowing Palmer back into the game. Palmer ran the last three balls for that game and then won the next game to give Reyes his only loss in the division.

Palmer's reward for that victory was a bye in the next round as Reyes had to play unbeaten Marco Marquez. Efren's match with Palmer lasted well over 2 hours, the match with Marquez was over in 20 minutes as Reyes ran out from everywhere to clinch the match 3-0.

Marquez bought back in and caught the bye in the next round, while Reyes earned a rematch with Palmer. Reyes defeated Palmer 3-1 in another hard fought match in the rematch. This eliminated Palmer, leaving him with a $3000 payday.

The finals between Marquez and Reyes started out with Marquez leading 7-3 in the first game, but Marquez was unable to capitalize on multiple chances and was forced to watch Reyes win the game 8-7. From there, Reyes won the next two games for the $9000 first prize.

As of Saturday afternoon, the final three players in the 9-ball division are Efren Reyes, Ralf Souquet and Jimmy Wetch. Both Souquet and Reyes have rebuys available. With his position in the top three, Reyes has clinched the $20,000 bonus for all around Champion.

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