Rice and Owens score Viking Amateur Tour Wins

David Rice

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur Advance and Amateur Tour's double events were hosted the weekend of March 13th -15th at Breakers Sports Bar and Grille in Knoxville, TN.  The event filled weekend kicked off on Friday Night with a Mini Tournament and the tournaments continued throughout the weekend ending with a second Mini Tournament on Sunday Night.  The Events drew in 108 entrants and paid out over $7700 in prize monies.
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur Advanced Division was won by David Rice from Kentucky who made his way thru the bottom of the bracket defeating Brad Bouras 9-3; Robert Green 9-3; Robert Frost 9-3; Scott Eller 9-6; and Mike Patton 9-5 in the match for the Hot Seat.  Rice faced Patton again in the finals where he was victorious in set one 9-7.
Mike Patton had made his way through the top half of the brackets defeating Jesse Luttrell 9-3; Kristen Malone 9-4; Dan McJunkin 9-3; Matt Braden 9-5; and Danny Smith 9-5 before he was sent to the one loss side by David Rice where he would face Bruce Berrong in the semi finals. Patton defeated Berrong 7-0.
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur Division was won by local favorite Mark Owens who worked his way through the bottom half of the chart sending anyone he faced to the one loss side.  He started with a bye in round one and proceeded to defeat Mike Grace 7-0; James Price 7-2; Chad Easterly 7-4; Owens defeated Mike Janis 7-5 in the match for the Hot Seat and went on to face Shane Wade in the finals. Owens lost set one 7-6, and made a comeback on the hill winning set two 7-6 to take the win.
Shane Wade drew a bye in round one and took a loss in his first set against Benji Miller 7-6 sending him to the left side of the chart where he defeated Crystal Miller 7-1; David Moore 7-1; James Price 7-3; Floyd Reasons 7-5; Benji Miller 7-1; Chad Easterly 7-2; and Mike Janis 7-3 in the semi finals.
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