Richko comes back from the loss side to win Players HXT Classic Tour

Justin Logan sent Jason Richko to the loss side during the April 14 stop on the Players HXT Classic Tour, but Richko returned to defeat him in the finals. The event drew 20 entrants to Strokers in Palm Harbor, FL.

Logan and Richko first squared off in one of the two winners' side semifinals. Ron Famiano and Mark Wathen made up the second pairing. Logan sent Richko over 7-5, and in the hot seat battle, faced Famiano, who had survived a double hill battle against Wathen. Logan gave up only a single rack against Famiano, and sat in the hot seat, awaiting the return of Richko.

Richko moved west to meet up, first, with Jon Wing, who'd defeated Jarred Schkaych 5-2 and Paul Mullins 5-2. Wathen picked up Sascha Kauper, who'd gotten by David Fergusson 5-2 and a player identified as only J.B., 5-1. Richko eliminated Wing 7-5, as Wathen did likewise to Kauper 7-1. 

Richko won the quarterfinals versus Wathen 7-4, and completed his loss-side trek with a 7-1 victory over Famiano in the semifinals. He took top honors with a 7-3 victory over Logan in the finals.