Rifleman comes back in Reno

'The Rifleman' Buddy Hall had the comeback of the day

Day four is complete at the 2003 Reno Open and the field has been narrowed to twenty four players.

On the winners side, reigning champion John Schmidt will face Mike Davis and Santos Sambajon Jr. will face Cliff Joyner on Saturday at 7PM.

The one-loss side is full of top talent including Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Ralf Souquet, Jeremy Jones, Jose Parica, Scott Frost and Buddy Hall.

Hall had the comeback win of the day on Friday, as he trailed Danny Medina 7-2, but came back for the 9-8 win. Rodney Morris almost scored an equally impressive come-back as he trailed Arturo Rivera 8-5 and was running out to knot the match at 8-8. A careless position error on the 7-ball left Morris hooked and cost him the match 9-7.

Complete brackets are online and will be updated after each round on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe