Rob Brandenburg wins 20K Tour Stop 21

Rodel Puruganan and Rob Brandenburg

42 players made their way to Shooters in Scarborough, Toronto for the 21st stop on the Canadian 20K tour. This marks the end of the third round (there are two rounds of 7 events left in the schedule.)

Rob Brandenburg and Jason Holdaway representing Kenny Chen from Pool Paradise along with room owners from Bigwigs, Rob Blair and Ken Botham where there as well.

Newcomer Filipino Rodel Puruganan was there also for the first time and had the crowd support. He is a fine player and it was a pleasure to see the display of pool etiquette emanating from his games.

This stop had so many hill-hill matches and it kept everyone on the edge, Terri Mason displayed a marvelous game going hill-hill vs. Mike Fisher and it should be noted that this lady is taking giant leaps and we wish her the best.

Carrie Dwyer and Naomi Williams are also excelling with the support of the crowd and fans (they seem to carry an entourage of followers) "Message for Joe T." Thanks for who you are, we know about Bigwigs??? you are the Man. God bless you friend.

Six players returned Sunday at noon with the top A side match of Rob Brandenburg 8+ vs. Jason Holdaway 9 and it was hill-hill match #1 for Rob Brandenburg.

Bottom A side had Mike Fisher 8+ vs. Terri Mason 5+ and it was hill-hill match #2 for Terri Mason.

On the one loss side it was Rodel Puruganan 8+ waiting for Jason Holdaway 9 and the match was hill-hill #3 for Rodel Puruganan.

Ken Botham 7+ was waiting for Mike Fisher 8+ (match is 7-8) and Ken prevailed with a 7-5 score.

Rodel Puruganan 8+ vs. Ken Botham 7+ and it was Rodel 8-5 with Ken taking fourth place.

The "Hot Seat" match was taken by Rob Brandenburg 8+ in a very decisive manner besting Terri Mason 5+ with a score 8-2. Rodel Puruganan had the worst match of the evening for Terri Mason, she sat on the hill with a 3 game advantage only to see Rodel grind his way to hill-hill #4 and eventually take the win. There was some great pool playing displayed in this match and both players shined equally today.

Rodel Puruganan earned his way back to the A side where Rodel bested Rob with an 8-6 victory in this true double KO.

Everyone lost once this time around and we all know there can only be ?One? and after a short break and proper reloading of both barrels, the warriors meet again and there was no surprise as the match went 8-5 after an early lead and we had a repeat champion as Rob Brandenburg claimed the 21st stop.

Thank you all for the entertainment, the hosting from Shooters and staff for a wonderful stop. The players, as usual, provided an excellent weekend. Thank You!!

Final Results
1st Rob Brandenburg $1300 ** Calcutta
2nd Rodel Puruganan $700 ** Calcutta
3rd Terri Mason $450 ** Calcutta
4th Ken Botham $200 ** Calcutta
5th/6th Jason Holdaway, Mike Fisher $50

The second chance tournament was won by:
1st Liam Pinto $60.00
2nd Paul Meaney $25.00

Next week is stop# 22 at Landmark Billiards in Mississauga , see you there.