Rob Brandenburg wins Canadian 20K Tour Stop 8

George Cornelius and Rob Brandenburg

The Canadian 20K Tour was at Landmark Billiards this weekend, where 44 players took part in the 8th event.

Because of the number of players the event was ran in one day, finishing very late and for this we apologize to the owners of Landmark. They were gracious to stay beyond the normal hours which in turn spared some of the players from a long journey back. In the spirit of competition, we applaud this. Thank You all.

The "Hot seat" was taken by George Cornelius 6+ besting Kory Jacobs 5 in a hill-hill match when Kory scratched on the 8 ball and George was delighted to just shoot the 9.

On the one loss side, Rob Brandenburg 8 prevailed over Jason Holdaway 8+ by a 8-5 score. Jeff White 9+ vs. Eddie Rosa 8 with Jeff ahead by a 10-3 score. Then it was Rob Brandenburg vs. Jeff White and Rob goes 8-5.

Next Rob faced the person that put him on the B side and the rolls favored Rob with two dead 9 balls to Rob. He was truly thankful for the rolls and took the set 8-3.

Rob Brandenburg returned to the A side to face George Cornelius very late and won the first set by a 9-5 score and then proceeded to snatch the win from a tired George with a 9-4 win in the second set.

Congratulations Rob Brandenburg, we will see you at Strokers in London next week.

Final pay outs:
1- Rob Brandenburg $ 1450.00 ** Calcutta
2- George Cornelius $ 800.00 ** Calcutta
3- Kory Jacobs $ 500.00 ** Calcutta
4- Jeff White $ 250.00 ** Calcutta
5- Jason Holdaway $ 75.00
6- Eddie Rosa $ 75.00

Second chance was won by Nello Robson

1- Nello Robson $ 65.00
2- Cal Culbert $ 35.00