Rob Ragusa breezes through New England 9 Ball Series BCD Season Finale

34 of the best BCD players in the New England Area came out on a hot August Sunday afternoon to compete for their share of a $1,300 prize fund at the New England 9-Ball Series BCD Season Finale.
Notable players in attendance included Andy Maynard, Rick Matarazzo, Charlie Matarazzo, Derick McCarthy, PJ Kafalas, Rick Gatta, Rob Ragusa, and Austin Roberts.

There was a lot of great pool on display on this day with three players grabbing the spotlight. Paul Linteris, Rob Ragusa, and Austin Roberts were really playing their best on this day and surprising many in attendance.

The hot seat match was Rob Ragusa vs. Paul Linteris in a straight race to five This turned out to be a very tight match with Rob winning the first 3 games, and then Paul winning the next 3 games to make it  a race to 2 games.

In game 7 Paul made a shooting error on the 7 ball which Rob would take full advantage of to win the game and go ahead 4-3.  That error proved extra costly as  Rob would break and run out the next rack to take a 5-3 victory and his place in the Finals.

The one loss side Finals saw Paul Linteris vs. Austin Roberts  This was a 5 to 4 race and it turned out to be a very one sided match as Austin could do nothing right in this set and he would fall to Paul 5-1 and settle for third place.

The finals were a rematch between Rob Ragusa and Paul Linteris with both players racing to five, but Paul having to beat Rob twice for the tournament win. That was not happening on this day as Rob won the first set with ease 5 - 1  and took the title of BCD Finale Champion.

I would also like to thank all my sponsors. If I didn't have them, this event wouldn't have been possible.