Robidoux scores Canadian Snooker Championship

Robidoux scores Canadian Snooker Championship

Alain Robidoux had not played in a Canadian Snooker Championship since 1987 in Halifax. Coinicedently he captured the title that year. In 2003, Alain picked right up where he left off, handily winning this year's championship 6-2 over Cliff Thorburn.

In single knockout stages, Robidoux had wins over Jeff Kennedy 5-1, and Flyod Zeigler 6-1 before meeting Thorburn. Thorburn had to beat Daryl Wouters and Alex Pagulayan to make the final.

The women's division was again won by Anita Kuzcma. This was her fourth staight title. Other women participating were Mary Ann McConnell of BC, Angela Belding of New Brunswick, and runner up Sherri Richardson of Ontario.

In Senior Snooker, Nova Scotia's Fred Burke came from 3-0 down to caputure the final 4 frames, thus stealing victory from Roy Thibault, also from Nova Scotia. This event also had participants Bill Cormylo of Alberta, Pat Landry and Brian "Pidge" Ashworth of Nova Scotia.

The men's and women's 9-Ball divisions got underway on Friday. The men's brackets are posted and the women's brackets will be posted later on Friday.

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