Robles and Zvi share Mezz Pro Am Tour Win

Tony Robles, Gail Glazebrook, Borana Andoni and Zion Zvi

The Mezz Pro-Am Tour made its way to Society Billiards & Bar in New York City on Sunday April 10, 2011 with a strong field of 31 players including such notables as Tony Robles, Zion Zvi, Jonathan Smith, Michael Yednak, Eddie Abraham, Mike Miller, Jennifer Barretta, Jude Rosenstock, and Borana Andoni  to name a few.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Tony Robles with wins over Borana Andoni 7-3, Zion Zvi 7-3, Tony Rodriguez 7-3, and Jude Rosenstock 7-1.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Jonathan Smith with wins over Alvin Borja 7-3, Noel Bensurto 7-2, Edward Rodriguez 7-0, and Michael Wong 7-3.

Playing for the hot seat was Tony Robles vs Jonathan Smith This was a great match that went hill hill but when it was all said and done it was Tony Robles coming away with the win 7-6 and sending Jonathan Smith to the one lost side. Making the move on the one lost side was Zion Zvi with wins over Lionel Rivera, Ed Cohan, Edward Rodriquez, Mhet Veraga, Jude Rosenstock, and Michael Yednak.

In the finals it was it was Tony Robles vs Zion Zvi. These two good friends decided to be co-champions. Congratulations to both players for an outstanding day of play, I would also like to thank Mezz Cues and all are sponsors for their ongoing support and all the players that came out to play.